System Discription

JnJ Powercom Systems Ltd is geographically located in Southern part of India at Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh with a world class Smart Energy Meters manufacturing facility.

JnJ Powercom - Smart Grid system is an End to End solution built out of elements as: Smart Meters (as Electricity, Water, Heating, and Gas), Powerful Concentrator, In House Display Unit (CIU), Appliance Control Unit(Serves as appliance meter), and a powerful server software. The solution is flexible and is able to provide an answer according to the customer infrastructure, whether it is Electricity, Water, or Gas utilities. The system supports few utilities at the same time offering transparent information in high security.

In case a Power Utility owns the Power Grid, JnJ Powercom offers a two way communication solution when all Concentrators are connected to the Data Center through GPRS. Each Concentrator supports up to 1024 Electricity Smart Meters via our DynamicPLC communication. The transmission is Real Time and reaches to a distance of up to 8Km of electricity wires. JnJ Powercom Smart meters include PLC and RF modules. The RF is used to correspond with all other smart meters in the flat, measure, control, store and transmit the information to the backbone. The Electricity Meter also communicates with In House Display Unit to advise the customer with his consumption and with appliances (for control) as Hot Water Heating etc. JnJ Powercom system is able to integrate 3rd. party meters into the system as long it uses M Bus protocol. JnJ Powercom offers this solution through an RS485 to PLC module. This solution allows deployment for light control systems in Metropolitan areas.

In case a Water, Gas, and Security Utilities need a solution not through the Power Line, JnJ Powercom offers a two way RF solution where the smart meters communicate with Repeaters and RF Concentrators. All information is transferred and stored in the Data Center. Any type of Sensor can easily be connected to the system allow high level of integration.

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