Smart Meters

JnJ Powercom Systems Ltd is geographically located in Southern part of India at Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh with a world class Smart Energy Meters manufacturing facility.

The PowerTrack® system includes the system includes the following components:


The PCR323/423 and PCR321/421 meters are used in urban, suburban and rural consumers, connecting meter in the range up to few kilometers. In case of larger distance between meters and concentrator the PCRG427/327 will be installed to allow a direct connection to the server system. The meter keeps the customer contract details and enables operation according to this profile. All meters are Multi-Tariff and include electronic relay for remote shutdown.

JnJ PowerCom meters operate as local computer responsible storing six months consumption records. The meter performs additional tasks which enables the system to offer extra value to the customers. Each meter includes LCD display with one multi-function control buttons:



In House use:

All meters are multi-tariff and built to operate at harsh environment as temperature and humidity. All meters contain anti-tamper alerts to identify tampering tryouts by users, as meter cover open, bypass, phase reversal etc.