Server Discription

JnJ Powercom Systems Ltd is geographically located in Southern part of India at Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh with a world class Smart Energy Meters manufacturing facility.

The PowerTrack® management center is based on a LAN computer network, consisting of communication and database servers, telecommunication equipment, printers, and UPS equipment.

The software is MS Windows application. It consists three basic functionally:

The software is built out of two modules:

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PowerTrack management center controls all data from meters and concentrators. The central system is designed with full authorization control of functions objects and users. The central system handles scheduled collection. Reports and values may be exported in many formats.

Report is a third part of the PowerTrack software package that is able to access, process and display different data from the software system in numeric and graphic form. Its essential task is to combine measurement results in such a way that they provide the documentation for billing calculations, prognoses, energy consumption management and control. The database includes data on measurement places, substations, tariff definitions, customers and measurement places results.

The report module enables implementation of various reports required by the utility.
It enables aggregation of individual meter measurements, virtual meters reports display, export of this data in different file types for analyzing.